Fractal Frenzy!

I continue to keep busy making new digital art for my digital blog, digital+art+daily, so I am sharing a few new creations with you today.

I can seem to get away from creating fractals…I’ve made dozens over the last couple of weeks! I’m feeling the urge to return to digital drawings soon though, we’ll just have to wait & see what digital art I have to share next time!

Ode to Nature

It seems a lot of my recent work includes these twisting, turning, swirling leaves/blades of grass/vine-type organic shapes!  Remember “Dormant No More”?  They are just what flows out of me right now. Here are three digital drawings that all have that type of “feel” to them…

I’d almost guarantee that you’ll see more that are similar in style! I’ve also been more than a bit obsessed with drawing/creating trees. Perhaps it’s indicitave of growth?  I don’t even know why I do what I do…I just do it.




kaliedoscope #4, photo/digital art © lynne medsker

I’ve been having fun playing with a couple of new computer programs lately! One of them has a kaleidoscope feature that’s I’ve enjoyed exploring. If you’ve read my blog over the last year you know my fondness for mandala-type images, no wonder I am enjoying these! Kaleidoscope #4 (above) was created using an image of stained glass windows.  This image had an extra layer added to the top with a curly effect in it:

kaleidoscope #1, photo/digital artwork © lynne medsker

Here’s a sample of before and after images that shows the original photo used:

kaleidoscope #2, original photo © lynne medsker
kaleidoscope #2, photo/digital artwork © lynne medsker

This last image was created by using two images (both created from the same photo) that were then layered together:

kaleidoscope #3, photo/digital artwork © lynne medsker

Do you have a favorite?