Fractals on the go!

So, I’ve taken a few small trips to nearby destinations the last couple of weeks, enjoying spring break time with my friends and family who have some time off. Although it’s not been “spring” yet, with cold temperatures and some cloudy skies, it is at least a BREAK. I’ve carried my laptop with me on my travels so I could work on some digital projects if the time and and enthusiasm showed up to do so. At least on one occasion it did! I’m still processing, combining and interpreting some of the new fractals that sprung forth but here is a small selection of new pieces to share with you today:

"A cappella" digital/fractal art © 2013, Lynne Medsker
“A cappella” digital/fractal art © 2013, Lynne Medsker
"Adobe" digital/fractal art © 2013, Lynne Medsker
“Adobe” digital/fractal art © 2013, Lynne Medsker
"Awash" digital/fractal art © 2013, Lynne Medsker
“Awash” digital/fractal art © 2013, Lynne Medsker
"Abiding" digital/fractal art © 2013, Lynne Medsker
“Abiding” digital/fractal art © 2013, Lynne Medsker

I hope that your spring is progressing, however slowly, into a time you enjoy! As I’m going to be gone again for a few days this week I probably won’t be posting again until next.

Later gator,


Press Release: Roundabout: Scenic Sojourns & Symbolic Circles

In the Gallery…at the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library

“Roundabout: Scenic Sojourns & Symbolic Circles”

Work by

Diane Gardner


Lynne Medsker

June 17  –  July 20


Diane – “Diane creatively expresses her love of the natural world through her photographs. Whether she is exploring the backroads of Ireland or Indiana, she uses her photographic skills and creativity to produce images that reflect her contemplative view of landscapes, animals and people. While she appreciates the many benefits of digital photography, Diane strives to capture the image she envisions with her camera, using minimal digital editing.”

ballyran © diane gardner
“Ballyran” © Diane Gardner

Lynne – “Creating art is the purpose of my life. It keeps my life in balance, letting me escape the tensions of the everyday world. No matter what method I am using, when I create I feel alive! My subject matter begins as images of nature but is transformed into the abstract. The final result is often highly detailed and layered in appearance. As I gain experience, not only artistically but in life as well, my artwork continues to evolve. It has become more complex, with more texture, detail and dimension. I challenge viewers to not only enjoy the imagery of my artwork but to find evidence of things hidden within, waiting to be discovered.”

waves of joy © lynne medsker
“Waves of Joy” © Lynne Medsker

 Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm

Friday and Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 1-5pm


Pinterest, anyone?

I tried to resist for many months but finally fell prey to the time-gobbling, eye-candy fest that is Pinterest. In just a few weeks I’ve already established 24 boards and posted over 800 pins. I try to keep away from it when I am working but during the late evening while we are relaxing I tend to having it pulled up on the laptop pinning away. It’s addictive!

"Swept" digital artwork (recently pinned to Pinterest) © Lynne Medsker

If you’re a pinner, leave me a message with your username, I’d love to see what you find fascinating! Here’s a link to me: If you haven’t yet indulged in a Pinterest account I’d be happy to send you an invite so you can explore. I find all kinds of images and thoughts to inspire me & my artwork there, but the sky is the limit – if you love fashion or food or travel or, honestly, just about anything – it’s there!

Happy pinning!


Turkey Run State Park

Last October we took a two-day camping trip to Turkey Run State Park here in Indiana. For some reason I overlooked putting these images on the blog! So, in the middle of winter….here are some fall images for you to enjoy!

turkey run state park, indiana © lynne medsker

As you can see, Turkey Run has some wonderful scenery and the hiking trails are very adventurous! We had a lovely time. Looking at these images makes me anxious for camping season again!

Scenic Road Trip: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon (Part 1)

columbia river, oregon © lynne medsker
columbia river, oregon © lynne medsker

Our last two nights in Oregon we spent camping along the Columbia River. The entire area was beautiful, with more sights to see than we could possibly explore in what time we had left. But we did our best!

Mt. Adams, Washington © lynne medsker
View of Mt. Adams, Washington from the river
fishing the river © lynne medsker
fishing the river
cascade locks © lynne medsker
Cascade Locks, Columbia River, Oregon © lynne medsker

On of the most amazing things was just driving down a scenic road and being able to see so many different waterfalls, right along the road!

oregon waterfalls © lynne medsker

oregon waterfalls © lynne medsker
multnomah falls

oregon waterfalls © lynne medsker

oregon waterfalls © lynne medsker

oregon waterfalls © lynne medsker

oregon waterfalls © lynne medsker

I could have spent days traveling that one stretch of road, hiking the trails to other waterfalls and photographing all the beauty. As it was we had hours. What motivation for a return visit!

Scenic Road Trip: Northern California Coast and beyond

It’s been a while since I’ve posted images from our trip west, the last one was from the Giant Redwoods. For today’s post we finally made it to the coast! I absolutely LOVE being by the ocean, a river, a lake….heck sometimes just a tiny pond will do! Having never seen the Pacific Ocean before I was excited to explore so we made a lot of stops along our route.

We started off near Klamath, California and by the time we made camp that evening we were in Oregon. Near Klamath we hiked down the side of a cliff to get a close view of the ocean, this little snail was on the trail. Despite the signs assurance that it was just 1/2 of a mile, the straight down & straight back up aspect of the hike was a brutal way to start the day. But we didn’t need to worry about getting much more exercise after that excursion!

The day started with a light fog/mist and then cleared off into a beautifully sunny day. Perfect for exploring the coast! 
I was more than a little obsessed taking images of the beautiful rocks and the waves that crashed upon them!  I’m fairly certain that the rest of these images were taken after we crossed over into Oregon. 

The afternoon sun just sparkled on the water!  We made it to a campground that night and were looking forward to the next few days…all of them spent along the ocean. Look for more images next time!


Scenic Road Trip: Mt. Hood, Oregon

Well, almost two months later I finally have all my travel photos edited! We spent 10 days during the end of August/first of September traveling and camping around Oregon and northern California. Our first day was spent in the Mt. Hood area in northwest Oregon. I plan on periodically posting images on the blog, in between other posts so look for other “road trip” images soon!

Mt. Hood, Oregon © 2011, lynne medsker
Mt. Hood, Oregon © 2011, lynne medsker
Mt. Hood, Oregon © 2011, lynne medsker
Mt. Hood, Oregon, Umbrella Falls © 2011, lynne medsker
Mt. Hood area, Oregon © 2011, lynne medsker
Mt. Hood area, Oregon © 2011, lynne medsker
Mt. Hood area, Oregon © 2011, lynne medsker
Mt. Hood, Oregon - river next to our campsite © 2011, lynne medsker

Lynne Medsker: International Artist!

"rock my world #5" digital art triptych, printed on aluminum © Lynne Medsker

Woot!! Cool news from the weekend, I have two sets of digital art traveling to their new home in England today.  These pieces were part of the new art display at ArtSplash Gallery in Carmel, Indiana for the month of June, even if they didn’t get to stay there long. 🙂 Printed on aluminum, each piece was 10″x 20″ and covered an area of 32″ x 20″ when hung together.

"rock my world #6" digital art triptych, printed on aluminum © Lynne Medsker

I loved the bright colors and the way they seemed to pop off of the aluminum! I have had several pieces printed on aluminum, it is beautiful, lightweight and maintenance is a breeze. I hope the new owners will be as excited about them as I am! Although I am a bit jealous that my art is traveling and I am not. 🙂

Happy Monday,



So maybe I fibbed when I said I’d have some new images for the blog today! I really do HAVE some, just not uploaded and ready to share. I had a great visit to southern Indiana, stayed in a little cabin at Brown County State Park with my four-year-old grandson. We hiked for hours each day and enjoyed all the nature…most especially the abundance of FROGS! Right now I’ve got images on my phone, my point & shoot camera as well as my Nikon so it will take me a bit to get them all downloaded, sorted and ready to share. You know what you’ll be seeing next week though, don’t you?

Have a great weekend!

Go With the Flow

"go with the flow" mixed media mandala on watercolor paper, 10x14, matted to 16x20, $175 © Lynne Medsker

Okay, even I am getting tired of the mandalas. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. (Shhhh! Don’t tell!) I’ve been drawing them out so there would be some new blog posts this week. Why? Because I left town Monday morning for a short get-away to one of our wonderful state parks. As I write this I am hoping for great weather, looking forward to being outdoors, having some fun and getting some rest. Getting away from home, from the computer, from television (we are staying in a “rustic” cabin, although not TOO rustic, it has electricity and plumbing!! I am packing my camera and, weather, time and company permitting, I am hoping I’ll have time to get out and do some nature photography at some point during my stay. Then perhaps none of us will have to see any more mandalas for a while. Of course if it rains the whole time I may being sitting in the rustic cabin drawing more of the darn things….I can’t seem to help myself! 🙂

Stay tuned for some NEW updates tomorrow!