New Treasures

In my last post I told you I would share images of some of the fun treasures I acquired at The IDEA Store in Champaign, Illinois. Today’s the day!

In additional to fun things to use for art projects they also had functional items like these:

CD covers, stencils, small storage bottles
CD covers, stencils, small storage bottles

Then there were just so many odds & ends, old & new, to sort through!

I’m sure five artists could visit there and come away with five entirely different bags full of things.

So, who wants to go there for a field trip?


Gathering treasures…

I am a gatherer.  Perhaps even a bit of a horder.  I can’t seem to pass up stuff that I “could” use someday to make art with.  Things with “possibilities” are just irresistable.  I am fairly limited on space to store all these treasures so keeping it all in balance can be a challenge.  Worse than figuring out how to store it is trying to make myself use it!  If I use it now then I won’t have it later when I could come up with the perfect use for…something better than my current idea.  (The best is always yet to come, isn’t it?)  

My gathering tendency also makes me a sucker for the wide array of junk/treasures available on eBay.  Oh my, eBay!  I do try to stay away from it but at times I am looking for just a certain something for a project and once I am there, well, really, how can I not look around a bit?  My recent foray into eBayland started in the vintage postcard section (I ended up with three lots of them…close to 100!).  I am a nostalgia junkie and a  sucker for vintage postcards, I’ve got a collection of them that were my father’s when he was a boy and many from my childhood as well.   Anytime I can find some from places I have actually been to then they are added to the collection as well.  When I can part with any of the rest I like to use them in altered art projects – like this one and the one shown in my recent altered art post

echoes of the past mixed media on canvas (c) 2007, Lynne Medsker
"echoes of the past" mixed media on canvas (c) 2007, Lynne Medsker

While searching the vintage postcards I stumbled upon (see, this is how I get in trouble!) a store that sold vintage images on CD’s.  LOTS of images.  Most of the CD’s had over 1000 images each, one had a total of 6000!  By the time I finished I ended up with seven CD’s and over 15,000 images.  Holy cow!  Talk about unlimited resources.  🙂   I did a series of digital collages  (as well as a few mixed media collages too) with vintage images in them a few years ago and always thought I’d return to that topic and do more…I’ve certainly got no excuse not to do it now!  Well, other than having trouble deciding which of the 15,000 images I want to use.  Now THAT could be a problem!  

moon goddess digital collage (c) 2005, Lynne Medsker
"moon goddess" digital collage (c) 2005, Lynne Medsker


romance in the flowers mixed media on canvas (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker
"romance in the flowers" mixed media on canvas (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker

I have quickly scanned through most of the CD’s, although it would take days to see absolutely everything.  Many are vintage images of women & children but I also have a selection of angels, holiday postcards, old advertising images and animals.  When I found this picture it just made me laugh:

At this point I don’t have any ideas on how I would use it but, hey, someday I may just need a vintage photo of a cat with earphones.  You can never tell!