Side Roads

A few weeks ago I shared the process of creating new artwork on wood panels, using concrete & grout for texture and detail. Today I’m going to show you a companion piece I made at the same time. As I was unpacking in the new studio I ran across this panel that I had started before the big move.

"Sideroads" mixed media on wood panel, 10x20" © Lynne Medsker
“Sideroads” mixed media on wood panel, 10×20″ © Lynne Medsker

It seemed only natural to go ahead and finish it while I was working with the same materials. When I unpacked it all that had been done was the texture layer of concrete & mortar – no colors added at all. It followed the same layering sequence as the “Journey” pieces did, building up color along the way. Lots of fun in the details of the process!

blog 20140512_120016

These are the rest of the images showing some of the steps along the way:

As you can tell there is a lot of painting on then covering up, then adding back with each of the colors. The last layer was with copper paint. I’m a sucker for turquoise and copper together! What’s your favorite color combination?

Next week I’m going to begin sharing some updates on the progress of the studio build. It is *this* close to being done! I’ll also share details about the Studio Open House on August 1st & 2nd, so be sure to check back then!



Taking a Journey (or three!)

"Journey #1-#3" mixed media on wood panels © Lynne Medsker
“Journey #1-#3” mixed media on wood panels © Lynne Medsker

Continuing from my post on Monday, I’m sharing today images of the steps that went into creating “Journey #1-#3” (shown above). They began as textured concrete & mortar on wood panels. Then the fun began! Rather than bore you with a lot of words I will just tell you the most important one: LAYERS. Lots & lots of layers!

blog 20140505_100238

blog 20140508_153443

blog 20140512_115821

blog 20140512_165457

blog 20140512_165443

blog 20140514_124636

blog 20140514_124648

blog 20140514_125245

blog 20140514_125300

blog 20140515_111330

blog 20140514_181139

blog 20140515_111344

I wasn’t kidding, was I? It’s kind of like a dance, paint on, paint over, add more, cover it up, letting the layers and colors build and peek through. The final layers on all three pieces consisted of a copper paint. This gives you a close up view of each individual piece:blog Journey 1 © Lynne Medsker

blog Journey 2 © Lynne Medsker

blog Journey 3 © Lynne Medsker

While I creating these three pieces I had another one in the works. Different size, shape and texture but the same colors. You’ll be seeing it shortly!



I think with this post I will finally have all the art I created in February on the blog. Gee, that only took three months!

concealed, mixed media on wood, 24x36. $425
“concealed” mixed media on wood panel, 24 x 36″, $425 © Lynne Medsker

This is another piece that started with a layer of concrete on a wood panel. I really, really (really!) enjoyed applying the concrete layer….it was mixed pretty thin and I had a long time to work with it. Much like finger painting I ran my hands through the fluid concrete, swirling it around and playing like a kindergartner. It was a very good form of therapy!

work in progress, concealed
blank panel, waiting for a layer of concrete (along with some smaller pieces)

Once I finally quit playing with the texture it needed to dry for a day or two before I could proceed. I began by smoothing a layer of black acrylic paint all over the top of the surface, with a heavy amount around the edges.

work in progress, concealed © lynne medsker
Concealed – work in progress, black acrylic added © lynne medsker

When that layer had dried then I added some liquid layers of acrylic inks that I blended across the entire piece. Using a purple and green hues seems to create a shade deep turquoise that I always love!

concealed, work in progress © lynne medsker
concealed, work in progress © lynne medsker

I continued to add layers of purple & green until I was happy with the depth of color. To highlight the piece I added some metallic paints (silver, gold, copper) on top of the black in certain areas. It was *almost* there!

detail image, concealed © lynne medsker
“concealed” detail image © lynne medsker

It took me a while to figure out what else I needed to add before I could feel like it was finished. What it ended up being was lots and lots of tiny details in black ink. Although the image above was taken before the ink was added basically I put small little circle-type details on top of the larger areas of metallic paint. It ended up look much like the patterns on a wild animal, perhaps a leopard? They aren’t apparent at once and I really like that – it really does feel like there is something a little wild concealed within the image, waiting for you to discover it! Of course if you want to see those details you’ll need to come see it in person – I’d love to show it to you!

Commissioned Work: Turquoise Topography

So I thought I’d finish off this week with some commissioned work that I completed in February.

finished work, turquoise topography © lynne medsker
"turquoise topography" 1 & 2, commissioned artwork, mixed media on wood panels, 20x20" each

The color scheme and media were based off of a piece I’d made a few years ago, “Lacrimo”.

"lacrimo" mixed media on wood panel, 20x20" $375 © lynne medsker

Since the client wanted two pieces I knew I’d get a better continuity between them by creating two at once instead of trying to match the single piece I’d created two years ago. Beginning with layers of concrete applied by hand to the wood panels, I made texture & designs on each panel, as well as drops and bumps of concrete across the surface as well.

work in progress image, lynne medsker
work in progress image, concrete of wood panel © lynne medsker
work in progress image 2
work in progress, first layers of acrylic © lynne medsker

Once dried that layer was sealed and then I began the layering process with thin layers of acrylic. Adding more neutral colored layers followed by bright colors I built up the design on the concrete bit by bit.

work in progress image 3
work in progress, additional layers of color on wood panels © lynne medsker
work in progress, image 4
work in progress, brighter colors on top of the neutral background © lynne medsker

Eventually it was time for the finishing layers, more sealer and to choose a direction for them to hang.

work in progress, image 5
finishing touches of color © lynne medsker

It was actually the clients idea to hang them at an angle, they look great that way! I really enjoyed being able to create these pieces, what would you like me to create for you?

Blended Fractal #38

Switching gears today and sharing some new fractal art with you! This piece was created by layering two other fractals together and blending them.

blended fractal 38 © lynne medsker
blended fractal #38, digital art 2012 © lynne medsker

As you can tell by the look of the two original fractal pieces they were twisted, turned and color modified quite a bit to make the new image!

fractal 36 © lynne medsker
fractal #36, digital art, 2012 © lynne medsker
fractal 37 © lynne medsker
fractal #37, digital art, 2012 © lynne medsker

I really like this new image (and the two originals) now I just need to find a reason to have some prints made. 🙂