Today was set aside to prepare for the upcoming art show at the Eiteljorg Museum on Saturday.  I always forget how much work & details there are to take care of prior to a show.  And this one is easier than many, it’s indoors and they take care of all the payments and money handling.  But even without packing up the outdoor tent and accessories, digging out the manual credit card machine or making a run to the bank for change there is still plenty to do.  Choosing which artwork to bring (I was juried into two different media so I have a wider selection to choose from), printing labels and filling them out, making sure I have an ample supply of business cards, postcards and promotional materials and, of course, finishing up last minute creations all filled up the day.  Tomorrow they are having early set up in the afternoon so I can pack everything in the morning and (with the help of my wonderful “volunteer” & son, Josh) get my space set up in the afternoon.  It means an extra trip but it is so much easier on my achy body to do it in two different days instead of packing, setting up, being on my feet all day, tearing down, repacking and bringing everything home to unpack and put away, all in one day.  Makes me tired just writing about it!  Which I guess is one reason I have drastically reduced the number of art shows that I participate in.  As a matter of fact this is my first of the year, with only a few weeks left before a new year begins!  I finished the other “mini” art pieces that were underway in my last blog.  Here are a few samples:

mini art, 5x7 mixed media
“mini” art, 5×7 mixed media

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