March Open Studio!

web, magazine collage1

Collage, 4.25 x 5.5″ from magazine pages

Just a reminder that this Saturday, March 9th, is the next Second Saturday Open Studio date! The doors are open and I’ll be waiting to see you between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. that afternoon. As with the last two months I’ll have a special “make & take” project for visitors of all ages to participate in. For March I’ll have a station set up for creating collages from magazine pages. I spend some time Monday afternoon making the sample piece, above, to share with you. Here are the step-by-step images of the collage piece being made:

The other even for Saturday is a “Share & Win” contest for all the visitors. I am focusing more & more on creating art from used materials and could use your help with some projects I am working on. Bring a donation of one (or more) item listed below and you will be entered to win a piece of art created specifically for you!

Plastic lids, any shape/size (think milk carton, pop and drink caps – screw on lids from peanut butter or other jars – plastic lids from butter tubs, cans of nuts, etc. – lids from hairspray, deodorant, laundry soap, etc.)

web, idea store10

assorted plastic lids

Cardboard or “chipboard” (cereal boxes, etc.) unwanted magazines or books, sheet music, gift wrap, maps

Old games, game boards or pieces, playing cards

Earrings with no matches, broken jewelry (especially if it has beads!), broken watches or clocks

Leftover materials from do-it-yourself projects – Nails, screws, pieces, parts, washers, etc.

Larger items: Scraps of plywood (or other wood), unwanted metal shelving or file cabinets

I’m sure there are many things I didn’t even think to list so if you’ve got something cool to share, bring it!

Can’t wait to see you Saturday!



Visit, Help & Win!

I’m am enjoying being on the “Rural Routes to Main Streets” cultural trail that spans Hendricks and Morgan Counties in Indiana! (Click the link above to download the 2013 brochure and see all the details.)

The trail includes 24 “full time” sites as well as 8 “Second Saturday” sites. My studio is included in that eight and will be open for visitors the second Saturday of each month from 11 am to 3 pm.

blog, studio, free goodies

In January the first three visitors through the doors received a free piece of art from the selection shown above and created a “Make & Take” magnet. In February one lucky winner recieved a free two-hour art lesson and visitors designed their own “Make & Take” greeting cards using simple printmaking techniques.

For March 9th? Stop in a we will make some small “Make & Take” collage art pieces from old magazines.

collageI’ve already got some pieces cut & ready or you are welcome to leaf through some old magazines and select your own.

I’m collecting things for a few recycled art project!


Bring in plastic lids (from water or pop bottles, detergent, milk jugs – any size, type, color – as long as they are plastic) and/or bring in some of your broken/unused jewelry (any pieces are fine but I’d be really excited to get pieces with beads on them) and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a custom draw piece of abstract art. You choose the colors you love and I’ll create it just for you!

Hope to see you there…


Fruition, Finally

This piece has been “in progress” for a few months. I’m excited to finally share it with you!

"Fruition" Mixed Media Collage on Wood Panels, 26 x 20" $595 (c) Lynne Medsker

“Fruition” Mixed Media Collage on Wood Panels, 36 x 20″ $795 (c) Lynne Medsker

When I got the idea it took a bit of mulling around on exactly how I’d make it and then once underway it was a bit time consuming. The things we do for art! The first step was to create large pages of mandala-inspired art that would be painted and then torn apart.

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

I will admit to some mixed emotions about creating something just to tear it into pieces! Art from last year? Wouldn’t have slown me down a bit! While that was in stages of progress I designed the background from old pages of sheet music, watercolor paint and layer of thin paper to lay out a rough 2012-11-06 13.44.13-1

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

Then it was time to rip, tear and arrange the pieces! In addition to the mandala art that was used I also cut circles from some “not so successful” printmaking projects and added them for color and texture.

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

It seemed like a great idea but I ended up going a bit overboard. Ack! Color overload. And not very “tree like” either!

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

The first thing I did once it got to this stage was to paint a thin layer of irridesent white over the background to tone it down a bit (shown above after the background was painted). Then it sat for a while. And then it sat a bit longer. I wasn’t sure where to go with it at this point…I knew what I wanted, but that was about all. One day when I had a friend over to the studio we talked about it and bounced ideas back & forth and before she’d even left I was working away!

I have a fabulous stash of different kinds of paper…okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a paper-aholic! I love paper, thin, thick, solid colors, pattern, textures, flat…it doesn’t matter. So I dug into that and found the perfect piece. A nice brown  tree-ish color, very loosely woven with gaps and thin spots for the design underneath to peek through while it gave the piece the unity that I’d been looking for. Happiness!! The next steps were to add highlights, shadows and outlines for definition.

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

Work in progress, Fruition (c) Lynne Medsker

The finishing touches from this point didn’t take long at all, a little charcoal, a bit of acrylic ink and it was done. 🙂 I’ve got a few other pieces that are in progress right now but I’m also shifting focus to holiday projects and gifts so they are moving slow too. Lucky for you I’ve got a backlog of art that I haven’t written about yet. 🙂

Look for more soon!


“Art on Record” Class Highlights

student work in progress, just beginning

student work, laying out possible designs

Creating art on 33 1/3 records last week was fun! The class was small enough I was even able to joined in and play a little. 🙂 I had a variety of records ready….several spray painted various colors and some left as they were made. Each of us picked a different type and everyone went in a different direction. I always find it fascinating to see how a group of people can all be given the same materials to choose from and yet each piece that is created is so different from the others.

student work in progress

student work in progress

We got busy chatting toward the end of class so I don’t have any images of the finished products this time. Ooops! This piece was close to finished.

Student work in progress

It’s creator is a calligrapher so she was going to design a quote or saying to attach in the center of the record. I’ll be anxious to see it when it’s complete! I’m saving the images of my piece for another post, look for it soon!

Upcoming Class: Layers & Lattes

"layers & lattes" creative workshop at Artistic Designs Gallery

How much fun is it to be able to use an image like this to advertise a class? 🙂 You are invited to join me for an evening of fun, creativity and, YES, lattes! I’ll be presenting this class at Artistic Designs Gallery (152 E. Northfield Drive)  in Brownsburg, Indiana on March 9th, 2012 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

collage work in progress image © lynne medsker

The three-hour class begins with a quick demo and then it will be time for you to jump in and get your hands into your own project! Layer a variety of papers, found objects and embellishments as you build your own unique piece of art to treasure. All supplies are included in the playful class, although you are welcome to bring small objects, papers or other treasures you would like to include in your creations if you desire. And to top off this fun evening? The lattes are included, provided by the wonderful coffee-creators at the Literate Bean!

student work in progress © lynne medsker

The cost for this fun evening out is $30 and you can reserve your place in the class by contacting Artistic Designs Gallery at 317-852-0252. See you there!

Collage Class Recap!

student work in progress, 2-1-12 collage class

The collage class last Wednesday was a lot of fun!  I always love seeing the creativity that others have once introduced to a medium and this was no exception. The variety and styles were all so different, once again showing how unique each of us really are.

student work in progress, 2-1-12 collage class

The layers of paper started building early into the session.

student work in progress, 2-1-12 collage class

student work in progress, 2-1-12 collage class

Once they discovered their direction you could see each new item added refining their vision.

student work in progress, 2-1-12 collage class

student work in progress, 2-1-12 collage class

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? There is another collage class scheduled for Saturday, March 24th from 9:30 to noon, so you haven’t missed your chance yet!

Mixed Media Collage Classes!

work in progress image © lynne medsker

The first of three mixed media collage classes is THIS Wednesday, February 1st!

"Germination" mixed media collage, 1 of 3 © lynne medsker

This daytime class runs from noon to 2:30 p.m. and (as of this publishing) has two openings available. If you are interested email me at!

work in progress, mixed media collage © lynne medsker

Upcoming mixed media collage classes include a special Friday evening “Night with the Artist” class at Artistic Designs Gallery on Friday, March 9th, 2012 (details available soon).

work in progress, mixed media collage © lynne medsker

I also plan to have a Saturday morning mixed media collage class in my studio on March 24th.  More information about upcoming class dates is posted HERE – join me for several!

Titles, Ugh!

untitled mixed media artwork, 6x6" matted/framed to 10x10", $145 © lynne medsker

Have I mentioned how I struggle with titles for many of my art pieces? Often it’s the worst part of creating something – what to call it! I’ve resorted to the number system on certain series of work but I know that’s not as interesting as a title. Perhaps I need a creative writing workshop instead of art workshops? 🙂 These three pieces were created recently and, as of this moment, still aren’t titled.

untitled mixed media artwork, 6x6" matted/framed to 10x10", $145 © lynne medsker

I sometimes think I should just title them something off the wall & random but I’ve seen art that didn’t seem to have anything to do with it’s title and, honestly, it just confused me! 🙂

untitled mixed media artwork, 6x6" matted/framed to 10x10", $145 © lynne medsker

By the way, if you’d like to see these pieces they are heading to ArtSplash Gallery in Carmel, Indiana in November. And if you happen to fall in love with all three you can purchase the set for only $395. Perhaps I’ll have them titled by then!


New art materials!

papers to play with!

Well, October has finally arrived! I’ve been anxious for it because it appears that I’ll be able to live life at a bit of slower pace. No art shows, the gallery shows are all hung on the wall, and no pressing deadlines for project. I even have a clean studio! September seemed to have each moment double-booked so I am anxious to slow down. Of course I’m also anxious to get that studio dirty and create again!

After a trip south in a few weeks ago I took a little side trip to a paper store. Oh, how I LOVE the paper stores! Something about being surrounded by all the lovely colors and textures is almost intoxicating. While I intended to control myself, the stack of papers that I selected grew quite tall. They were all so beautiful I took these pictures of them after I brought them home – creating collages and other art with them is going to be so much fun!

paper, paper...pretty paper!

I have a tendency to be a bit of an art supply hoarder, so making myself use these instead of just keep them will be a nice step in breaking that habit. I also got a great deal on some canvases and large wood panels. Exactly what I’ll be making with them? No idea yet, but I can’t wait to find out. 🙂

I hope you are looking forward to a lovely month as well!


Rite of Passage

"rite of passage" mixed media collage, 30x40" $600 © lynne medsker

This is the last of three mixed media collage pieces I created during my time at Blueberry View Artist Retreat. I spent about three days working on this piece off & on. The first day was spent selecting thin papers with various designs for the background. Oftentimes this portion of the collage doesn’t end up showing in the final image but I seem to take a long while selecting them, just in case.

"rite of passage" work in progress, image 1 © lynne medsker

"rite of passage" work in progress, image 2 © lynne medsker

Once those were adhered to the canvas I moved on to adding more layers.

"rite of passage" work in progress image 3 © lynne medsker

Eventually came some darker layers and pieces, followed by some squares of white, textured paper.

"rite of passage" work in progress, image 4 © lynne medsker

"rite of passage" work in progress, image 5 © lynne medsker

Once those were dry I got out my charcoal and went to town, outlining and adding dark lines throughout the entire piece. Thin washes of acrylic ink were used in the sections that were created by the charcoal lines.

"rite of passage" work in progress, image 6 © lynne medsker

"rite of passage" work in progress, image 7 © lynne medskerAfter the ink was added then the black tattoo-like designs were drawn in with a black gel pen in the square sections where the white paper had been added that didn’t have a preprinted design. There are also a large number of very thin lines drawn through the background, I had a hard time stopping once I started adding them! Since they are hard to see in these photos perhaps you should plan a studio visit to see this piece in person. 🙂