Free to Be

"free to be" mixed media on paper, 22x15" (c) 2011, Lynne Medsker

This past weekend I was able to sneak in a little more studio time! What a treat it was to have some extra hours to spend out there. 🙂 I started a few new projects and even managed to finish one Sunday afternoon. Although I have ideas and deadlines for work that I want to complete for next month’s solo show I have really felt the urge to experiment lately. I’m sure it’s inspiration from all the books I’ve been reading and looking at! I started this artwork on some nice, thick watercolor paper. Similar to an “automatic drawing” I started with a flat brush and a tub of black acrylic paint and began to make random marks over the page. I also used stamps with the black acrylic to add a smaller designs in a few spots on the paper too. Next I filled a bottle that had a small tip, with fluid white acrylic and dropped, drizzled and made lines with it on top of the black paint.

work in progress, image 1, free to be (c) 2011, Lynne Medsker

That was left to dry overnight. I had decided I wanted to color the piece with some bright watercolors. I started using watercolor pencils to fill in small sections of the painting and then gave it a spray of water to see how it looked.

work in progress, image 2, free to be (c) 2011, Lynne Medsker
work in progress, image 3, free to be (c) 2011, Lynne Medsker

Mmmmm. Not as bright as I wanted but I did like the way to colors were working. Out came the regular watercolors and away I went.

work in progress, image 4, free to be (c) 2011, Lynne Medsker

Now I have painted with watercolors before but really don’t know that much about the technique, other than what I’ve discovered by experimenting. I just read the other day that if you keep the back of the paper wet when you are working on the front that it will lay flat instead of bubbling & bumping up in the middle or curling at the edges. How much easier it is to work with that way! Eventually I had the entire paper covered with color and started adding extra pops here & there and also defining a little white space to make it more interesting. This image is close to the end of the process, while the paint is still wet.

work in progress, image 5, free to be (c) Lynne Medsker

It lost a little intensity when it dried but still is very vibrant and happy. I worked on the piece with a horizontal orientation but eventually decided that I liked it vertical best so I turned it around for the finished image. It was great fun to experiment and play! I’ll be back in the studio today and tomorrow. I’ve got lots of projects in the works, I’ll be anxious to share my progress with you again soon!


5 thoughts on “Free to Be

  1. I love this beautiful , VIBRANT painting! Colorful, happy and loads of fun to look at! My biggest challenge is deciding on orientation of my abstract paintings. Some I frame with wires running both ways so the buyer can hang it the way THEY like it.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Linda! I spent some time reading your blog, what fun! It’s lovely to find someone else that likes to play & experiment. And a fellow Hoosier at that!

      I’ve done the double wire on a few pieces as well!

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