"Backbeat" mixed media on three 24x36" wood panels, $495 each/$1195 set © lynne medsker

It seems I’ve got a bit of a musical theme going on lately in my artwork! After creating “Music in Motion” my next project, shown above, was titled “Backbeat”. Created on three 24×36″ wood panels, it includes multiple layers of paper, paint and miscellaneous objects. I was blessed with a multi-day stretch of time to work on these pieces non-stop so it seemed like they came together quickly. I’m going to show several images of the pieces as they progressed so you can get an idea of the process:

panels, covered with papers & sheet music @ lynne medsker

sewing pattern added on top of paper layer © lynne medsker

beginning to add 1st layer of watercolor © lynne medsker

2nd full layer of watercolor © lynne medsker

3rd layer of watercolor © lynne medsker

all three panels with watercolor layers added © lynne medsker

adding circular design with charcoal © lynne medsker

close-up of detail painting © lynne medsker

acrylic detail painting finished © lynne medsker

detail painting finished on all three panels © lynne medsker

The last step was to add some dimensional pieces to each panel, all circular, using painted 33 1/3 albums & CD’s, 45 records and plexiglass pieces.


finished panel © lynne medsker

These pieces are currently on display at Artistic Designs Gallery in Brownsburg, Indiana – drop in a see them in person, photos don’t do them justice!

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