My Blue Heaven

"My Blue Heaven" mixed media artwork on 33 1/3 album, $95 © Lynne Medsker

Earlier this week I posted about the last “Open Studio” class I held where we created artwork on old 33 1/3 albums. Since one of my students wasn’t able to attend I couldn’t resist joining in and playing a bit too. I’ve been playing with some other collage piece using old sheet music recently, so I decided to incorporate it into this artwork as well. It sure makes naming the piece easy when the music has a title! And it gave me some color inspiration as well. 🙂

work in progress © lynne medsker

This ended up having lots of cuts & layers of paper, followed by charcoal, more layers, acrylic ink and some embellishments. One of my students mentioned how it looked almost three-dimensional, that was all it took for me to make it that way! I’m not sure how well it showed up in the straight-on photo at the top of the page so I took a second one of the finished piece from the side to show the pieces that rise off of the background.

"My Blue Heaven" finished artwork, side view © Lynne Medsker

I enjoyed just making some art for the fun of it! I have a lot of fun projects I’d like to play with – along with some new commissions and artwork for upcoming shows. Trying to keep it balanced, along with the rest of life!

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